Anbrico White Metal Kit History

In 1968 the first in a range of ‘OO’ Cast Metal Bus Kits was introduced covering the popular British outline Double and Single Deck Buses and Coaches and it was decided some time later to also transfer the range of Brass trams over to do the range as Cast White Metal Kits.   The range was intended to cover the lack of types available for use with model railways, but added interest was found from the enthusiasts who just enjoyed making models of buses and trams etc. An enthusiast group that was just starting saw the advert. and made contact to ascertain if the types they were interested in could be produced for them. This by chance fell in with the survey that had been done on the subject earlier in various magazines such as Buses and meant that these requests could be added to the list being prepared at that time.

Before Kit production ceased in July 1987 some 80 Cast Metal Kits were available including one ‘N’ gauge Diesel Locomotive with the ‘OO’ kits covering Buses, Trolleybuses, Trams, Lorries and one Diesel Locomotive. Two Cast Metal ‘OO’ kits were produced to replace the more expensive hand built models, which had been available in previous years, (the GWR Railcar and the A.C. Railbus) A cast metal kit was also produced of the Ex-County Donegal railbus, which ran in the Isle of Man and was narrow gauge for running on ‘TT’ gauge track with a provision for fitting a power bogie.


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